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best marijuana flower Vegas

Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensary Terminology

las vegas marijuana dispensary terminology

Nevada Marijuana Dispensary Terminology Guide Marijuana is a booming industry in Nevada and across the United States. In fact, over 48 million people used weed in 2019 alone. Fresh bud and cannabis products are more accessible and affordable than ever before. This is especially true for pot enthusiasts who live in or visit Vegas dispensaries. […]

Everything that You Need to Know About Dabs

Everything that You Need to Know About Dabs

Everything that You Need to Know About Dabs Are you ready to elevate your weed experience? Dabs are popular amongst weed enthusiasts for an immediate, fast-acting, and potent high. In fact, research suggests that dabbing may produce a high that is up to 4x more potent than a regular joint. Dabbing involves a concentrated form […]

Cannabis Infused Gummies!

cannabis infused gummies

Cannabis Infused Gummies are Delicious Many cannabis lovers have known about the magic of incredible marijuana flower, but cannabis infused gummies give fans something else to love about cannabis.  Many are flavored with fruit juice for a delicious taste. Gummies have been a growing and popular cannabis product for a few years now and in […]

4/20 Shopping Guide

420 Shopping Guide

4/20 Shopping Guide to get you ready for the big day! 4/20 is our day to celebrate everything we love about cannabis. Whether you prefer a subtle celebration or you go all out with a full cannabis-themed party, 4/20 is a day to enjoy. And what better way to enjoy than with some amazing deals […]

Nevada Made Sits Down With Flora Vega


Flora Vega has more than six years of experience growing cannabis in Nevada. In that time, they’ve grown to one of the more recognized brands in the state, overcoming multiple obstacles along the way. Nevada Made sat down with Director of Sales & Marketing, Sam McAdam, for a Q&A to get some insight into Flora […]

Welcome To Nevada Made Marijuana


Welcome to Nevada Made Marijuana! Our main goal at Nevada Made Marijuana is to provide quality cannabis products at affordable prices. Whether you’re a card carrying medical patient or a recreational user, we make the buying process simple. How Does The Process Work? For many of our guests, it’s their first time visiting a cannabis dispensary […]