Welcome To Nevada Made Marijuana

Welcome to Nevada Made Marijuana!

Our main goal at Nevada Made Marijuana is to provide quality cannabis products at affordable prices. Whether you’re a card carrying medical patient or a recreational user, we make the buying process simple. How Does The Process Work?

For many of our guests, it’s their first time visiting a cannabis dispensary and they’re unsure of the purchasing process. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!  We can not accept expired ID’s or non-government issued IDs like check-cashing cards or corporate ID cards. All IDs must be state or government issued.

How Much Does Cannabis Cost?

We offer a range of prices and products to meet everyone’s budget needs.

Cannabis is graded by quality and potency, with the more refined and potent products fetching higher prices.

But that doesn’t mean lower tier products are inferior. In fact, many of our best selling products aren’t considered top-tier but our guests love them just the same. It comes down to finding the best products that fit your budget.

We offer many customer resources that will help save you money, including our Loyalty Rewards program, daily specials, and regularly scheduled promotions. Ask one of our friendly Reception staff for details and to sign up to start earning your rewards.

All of our prices are listed on multiple digital platforms, including Weedmaps, Leafly, and our own website. We have two locations currently with more opening soon, so be sure you’re looking at the menu for the NMM dispensary you plan to visit as pricing and product availability vary by location.

welcome to nevada made marijuana

Speaking of prices … all of our prices include tax! 


The price that you see on the menu is the price you pay out the door. There are no tax surprises at our registers and our guests love knowing exactly what their purchases will cost before coming in to the dispensary.  Like all cannabis businesses, Nevada Made Marijuana only accepts cash, so plan ahead before visiting. But in case you forget to stop at the bank on the way, we have on-site ATM’s at each of our locations.

What are the Laws Concerning Cannabis Use in Nevada?

Cannabis use is legal in Nevada, but make sure you follow Nevada state cannabis laws. It is illegal to consume cannabis in public outdoor places, in vehicles, or in public buildings. All cannabis must be consumed in private residences.

Social use, meaning public consumption, is still being decided upon by state regulators. Until Nevada issues new regulations for social use, the only place you can legally consume is in private residences.

Play it safe and never consume in public places. Never consume while driving, and never operate a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. Law enforcement can and will issue DUI’s for driving under the influence of cannabis.

Finally, never give cannabis products to minors. It is illegal to provide minors with cannabis products. All recreational users must be over 21, and medical patients must be at least 18 with a valid medical card.

Fully enjoy your cannabis lifestyle, but make sure you’re always adhering to local cannabis laws.

What Kind of Products Can I Expect to Find?

If you’ve never used cannabis before, you might not know what to expect when you walk in our doors. Nevada Made Marijuana carries a huge selection of cannabis products to meet all of our guests’ needs.


Most traditional cannabis users are familiar with and love flowers, or ‘buds’ as they’re more commonly called. Flowers can be smoked in a variety of methods (pipe, joint, water pipes, and more), or used to make concentrates and edibles.


Our flower selection includes Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids and with a range of potency for all experience levels.



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What If I've Never Used Cannabis Before?

If you’ve never used cannabis before, you might not know what to expect when you walk in our doors. Nevada Made Marijuana carries a huge selection of cannabis products to meet all of our guests’ needs.

We always recommend new users take it slow, especially with edibles. Unlike smoking or vaping, which instill an instant euphoria, edibles can take hours before the effects come on. Many novice users don’t feel it right away and take more hoping to bring on the effects more quickly. This can result in a bad experience.

We recommend novice users start with a dose of no more than 5 milligrams of THC and wait at least 4 hours before considering taking more. For first-timers, starting with 2 milligrams and waiting until the next day to try more would be even better.

Cannabis metabolizes differently for everyone and there are many variables to account for, including tolerance, weight, diet, and more. One person might find 10 milligrams to be the perfect dose, while another person might find that dose to be uncomfortably large. This is why we recommend taking it slow and small until finding your ideal dose.

The best place to try cannabis for the first time is in your own home. Create a comfortable setting with your favorite activities and snacks, and don’t forget to have plenty of drinks on hand as cannabis can cause dry mouth. A relaxed environment can help create a more pleasant experience.

Whatever happens, don’t freak out. Stay calm and know that the effects will wear off soon. If you feel like you’ve consumed too much, you can keep some CBD on hand, which counteracts the euphoric effects of cannabis.

Most traditional cannabis users are familiar with and love flowers, or ‘buds’ as they’re more commonly called. Flowers can be smoked in a variety of methods (pipe, joint, water pipes, and more), or used to make concentrates and edibles.

Our flower selection includes Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids and with a range of potency for all experience levels.

Vapable cannabis oils in disposable vape pens and cartridges are a popular new way to consume because they are easy to use and discreet to the nose as there’s no combustion of plant material. Filled with refined cannabis oils and heated by electric coils, vapable cartridges and pens are among the most convenient methods for new users.


Edibles are another highly popular consumption method. Edibles have come a long way since the classic ‘pot brownie.’ You can now choose from a huge selection of extremely specific edibles.


Are you looking for vegan options? We’ve got them. Are you looking for sugar-free edibles? We’ve got those too. Consult our knowledgeable Budtenders to learn which of our products are best for your dietary needs.


We also carry a large selection of Tinctures and Topicals. Cannabis is being infused into all kinds of products, including lotions, creams, and essential oils. These products can be highly effective for relieving pain and increasing mobility among their many other uses.

What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are probably the most innovative way to consume cannabis. Concentrates, sometimes called ‘dabs,’ are made from many parts of the whole cannabis plant. Basically, concentrates are the extracted essential components of the cannabis plant which are refined to create unique textures and flavor profiles.

Extraction artists like our own Tony Gentile are coming up with amazing new products every day.

 Types of concentrates include:
  • Shatter
  • Distillate
  • Live Resin
  • Rosin
  • Crumble
  • Sugar
  • Diamonds
  • And More

Concentrates are the most potent products we carry, with some having THC percentages above 80%. New users should take it slow with concentrates as it’s very easy to over-indulge and have an unpleasant experience.

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Concentrates can require specialized hardware to most fully enjoy. Dab rigs, electric nails, and portable electric dabbing devices are the more common tools concentrate fans use. We carry a large selection of hardware to make your dabbing experience the best it can be, but you don’t need fancy hardware to enjoy concentrates.


Most concentrates can be added to flowers to enhance their potency and flavor. Sprinkling some in your bowl or joint is an easy way to sample concentrates without having any specialty hardware.


Some concentrates are edible as well as smokeable. Distillate is an activated concentrate, meaning it can be eaten and smoked. THC must be heated to be effective. You could eat a handful of cannabis flowers but unless they were heated to activate the THC, you wouldn’t feel a thing. The distillation process heats the essential oils to temperatures that activate the THC, making distillate one of the most versatile concentrates we offer.


Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered, with hundreds of incredible products to meet every need.

How Do I Know What Marijuana Product is Right For Me?

You might have a cannabis product in mind but aren’t sure it’s right for you. How can you tell? Consult with one of our friendly Budtenders to learn about specific products and ask any questions.

Our Budtenders are knowledgeable resources that can guide you to the best products for your needs. Their specialized knowledge is invaluable, especially for guests looking for specific wellness and health products.

We recommend you consult with your doctor before beginning any cannabis wellness routines, as they can advise you about mixing cannabis with any other medications you’re taking.

Be open with your Budtender about your needs and what you hope to experience from the products you choose. Whether you’re looking for a specific wellness remedy or a potent recreational experience, our Budtenders can guide you to the perfect products.

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What About CBD?

Everyone’s talking about CBD and we know why. CBD is a cannabinoid just like THC. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating properties. Isolated CBD is added to all kinds of products for a variety of benefits, including relief from:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • And More

By isolating the CBD from the other active compounds in the cannabis plant, we can fully benefit from the wellness properties of CBD without experiencing any euphoric effects. While CBD is non-intoxicating, some users claim they experience physical reactions to the cannabinoid, which can include deep relaxation and drowsiness.

CBD works by interacting with our bodies endocannabinoid system. That’s right, our bodies have an internal system solely dedicated to interacting with cannabis compounds. Humans have been cultivating and ingesting cannabis for about as long as we’ve cultivated crops and it is only in recent history that we’ve separated ourselves from ingesting cannabis (and the CBD it contains) as a dietary supplement.

The latest research into CBD’s benefits are very encouraging and as more applied research is completed and released, we’re sure to learn how to best utilize this cannabinoid.

Click here to learn more about incorporating CBD into your wellness routines.

What About CBD?

Honestly, we don’t know why you haven’t tried cannabis yet. With the enormous selection of products to choose from, it’s time to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle.

Whatever cannabis experience you’re looking for, Nevada Made Marijuana is here to help. Let our experienced staff guide you to an incredible dispensary visit. You’ll be sure to leave feeling happy and informed, with the perfect products for your needs.