An Extensive Menu of High-Quality Flower, Prerolls, Vapes, Concentrates, Edibles and more on the Laughlin Strip

Shop the Best High-Quality Cannabis Products on the Laughlin Strip

Are you looking for the best cannabis dispensary experience in Laughlin, Nevada? Choosing a reputable weed dispensary is crucial to ensure that you enjoy a positive dispensary experience. Stop in and shop at Nevada Made Marijuana the next time that you are in the area whether you are a local or visiting the region.

Laughlin is a popular tourist destination among gamblers, nature enthusiasts, entertainment seekers, and more. The town resort town is known for its numerous casinos, entertainment venues, and outdoor recreational activities.

Our extensive menu, exceptional staff, and welcoming atmosphere showcase our dedication to providing the best weed shopping experience.  

Where is Your Laughlin Dispensary Located?

Located right on the Laughlin Strip at 1975 S. Casino Drive, Nevada Made Marijuana’s Laughlin dispensary is in the perfect location to meet all your marijuana needs. Stop in and explore our inventory, whether you are in town to gamble at the nearby Edgewater Casino, enjoying recreational activities on the Colorado River, or are one of our beloved locals who form part of our community.


Stop in at Nevada Made Marijuana to browse our inventory of the freshest, highest-quality bud, pre-rolls, edibles, and explore a variety of other cannabis products. Laughlin chooses Nevada Made Marijuana because they trust us to deliver high-quality flower, exceptional service, and affordable pricing.

What is featured on your Laughlin Cannabis Dispensary Menu?

You can order online from our Laughlin dispensary menu and within minutes your order will be ready for pickup. You can also just walk in and buy at our Laughlin Strip dispensary on the spot. Our Laughlin marijuana shop features an extensive menu that includes:

  • top quality, fresh, loose flower
  • pre-rolls
  • vapes/vape cartridges
  • concentrates like elixirs, badder, shatter, and krumble (for starters)
  • gummies and other edibles

Experiment with different methods of consumption to determine which is best for your unique needs. A knowledgeable Budtender at our Laughlin location would also be happy to answer any questions.

What Cannabis Products Does Your Laughlin Dispensary Carry?








Laughlin's Best Cannabis Flower for Your Smoking Pleasure

At Nevada Made Marijuana, we pride ourselves on gaining the trust of repeat customers. Many of our customers are tourists that return to our shop during every trip back to the area. We have gained a positive reputation throughout Nevada for offering the freshest, high-quality loose bud on the market.  In fact, this is the most popular reason that customers report coming back for subsequent purchases–our potent, fresh, delicious flower. At Nevada Marijuana, we know that providing a reliable and regularly stocked menu of flower is important to our customers. We stock all of our customer favorites, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties.

What Cannabis Flower Strains Do You Feature?

Nevada Made Marijuana’s fresh cannabis flower is available in varying quantities that range from 3.5 to 28 grams.  Get an idea of our quality by checking out some of our online reviews.  Some fan favorites include: 

What are Some of the Favorite Flower Strains on the Laughlin Dispensary Menu?

When it comes to our delicious dispensary menu, we offer the best marijuana strains at the most affordable price anywhere in Laughlin. Our Laughlin location features many of your favorites, and some hot new drops you will love at first smoke. These include:

Sativa Strains

Laughing Laughlin is our most popular Sativa-dominant strain. This strain is known for consistently high levels of THC (19.1) Laughing Laughlin provides a mentally uplifting, energizing, and positive euphoric experience.

Indica Strains

Wedding Cake is one of our most popular Indica-dominant strains. The strain is popular for its sweet, cake-like smell and taste. Try wedding cake today to experience a full-body high and the ultimate sensory experience.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains combine the best of both worlds by providing a more balanced head/body high.  Runtz, Sunset Sherbet, and Gushers are among our most popular hybrid strains



Looking for the Best Cannabis Prerolls in Laughlin? You Found Them!

Pre-rolls are an excellent way to purchase weed that has been pre-weighed, tightly rolled with expert care, and is ready to smoke. At our Laughlin location, Nevada Made Marijuana offers customers a vast selection of the highest-quality pre-rolled joints and blunts anywhere near the Colorado River!

Unfortunately, pre-rolled joints and blunts have a bad reputation in the cannabis community. Many people avoid pre-rolls due to a poor pre-roll experience in the past.  Some less reputable dispensaries have been reported to use old cannabis flower, dried buds, and include excessive stems.

At Nevada Made Marijuana, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of pre-rolled joints and blunts available. We use only the  highest quality, freshest bud in our weed prerolls.

What are some of your top PreRoll Brands featured on your Laughlin Preroll menu?

Our prerolls are fresh, affordable, and are very popular with our Laughlin customers.  Some of our Preroll fan favorites include:  Biscotti Mint / Gelato / Georgia Pie / Head Cheese / Ice Cream Cake / Sour Sunset Sherbert / Strawberry


In addition, in our Laughlin dispensary you will find some of the most popular preroll brands on the market, in addition to the strains your love. These include:

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Order Vapes Online and Carts Online and Pickup at Our Laughlin Dispensary

Looking for the best vapes in Laughlin?  Stop in at Nevada Made Marijuana in Laughlin today to pick up a few of our cannabis cartridges.

Carts and vapes are an ever-popular choice for weed lovers, and we get it.  Laughlin customers have demanded we keep a steady, high quality varied supply of vapes and carts.  We focus on convenience, value, and consistent quality of the experience.

Our carts may produce stronger effects than natural flower due to significantly higher amounts of THC.  They pack a punch.

For the new vape user, regular flower unusually tops out in the late 20-something THC percentile. Cannabis carts, however, can boast up to over 75% potency.  Some of our most popular weed cartridge flavors in Laughlin include:

  • Blackberry Kush Kwick Stick
  • Cherry AK
  • Fruit Salad
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Spiced Apple
  • Thin Mint Cookies

What are some of your top Vape Brands I can Find at the Laughlin Dispensary?

Check online for daily updates to our vape menu, but are customers are always hyped about these major brands:


Our many popular terp-rich Kabunky vape strains include Forbidden Fruit Kwick Stick, Fruit Salad, GG Kush, Runtz, and more. 


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From Key Lime Pie to Green Apple Martini, aromatic and potent Vice carts are a staple in our Laughlin Dispensary.  Flavorful, varied, rich, and impactful.


sauced vape carts laughlin

The many fans of Sauced vapes enjoy Skywalker OG, Slurricane and Strawberry Lemonade.  These three hybrids are fan faves.


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The popular Northern Lights indica and Lemon Cake Sativa with THC at the 85% level and Limonene, Terpinolene, and Caryophyllene terps make the day a lot brighter!


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Delicious and potent hybrids like Bahama Breeze and Blue Dream will take you to euphoric highs at affordable prices.


Order the Best THC Concentrates in Laughlin Online

Do you love THC concentrates? Are you looking for the best Laughlin dispensary that carries a variety of high quality, potent, concentrates with the best terpenes?

Nevada Made Marijuana produces the most flavorful, scented concentrates. Our terp combinations in our extracts will make your dabbing experience the best imaginable, with aromatic delights and euphoric highs

Buying THC concentrates online in Laughlin has never been easier. You can come in to our Laughlin dispensary and browse and engage with our friendly Budtenders, or pick the concentrate that works for you.


Shop the Best Cannabis Edibles in Las Laughlin and Pick Up Your Order in Minutes

If you are living and playing in Laughlin, buying cannabis edibles online from our Laughlin dispensary is a great way to change a dreary day to a bright one. Or a bright day to a brighter one! Our THC edibles provide the same magical benefits for people who can’t or don’t want to smoke.  Elixirs, gummies, RSO’s, tablets, soft gels…shop online today!

You will find well-known, popular brands of cannabis edible at our Laughlin shop, like:

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24 Hour Shopping For Tasty and Potent Cannabis Edible Treats!


Find Relief From Pain and Discomfort with the Best Topicals in Laughlin

For the newbies, cannabis topicals are products that are applied directly to the skin, including oils, patches, creams, etc. These products help reduce inflammation, treat chronic pain, and have the potential to improve mental health. At Nevada Made Marijuana’s Laughlin dispensary, we are proud to offer our clients a number of highly rated topical products proven to effectively decrease inflammation.

Come in and find an affordable solution to soreness, aches and pains anywhere on the body with Nevada Made Marijuana’s topical.  ). We carry popular, impactful brands like Flex-All and Trust Topical roll ons and rubs.

Supporting Your Local Laughlin Dispensary Means Supporting the Laughlin Community

At Nevada Made Marijuana’s Laughlin location, we are part of the Laughlin community.  We are not a corporation who has no sense of responsibility to the community.  Your purchases include a contribution to the tax base and local Laughlin economy–for police, roads, schools, fire fighters and services.   In supplying you the best weed and cannabis products in Laughlin, we strive to the be the best neighbor we can be and make a difference in the Laughlin community.

Why Buy From Nevada Made Marijuana’s Laughlin Dispensary?

Ever since our founding, Nevada Made Marijuana has been committed to producing the highest quality cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates and other products for our customers. Everyone working for Nevada Made Marijuana takes the time and care needed to produce the highest quality, most potent cannabis products to which our customers have become accustomed.


But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our reviews, and our friendly, knowledgeable Budtenders are always available by phone if you need to call with a question. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff.

Laughlin Dispensary Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Our Laughlin Dispensary Address is:

1975 S Casino Dr, Laughlin, NV 89029

We are on the Laughlin Strip, right on the corner of S. Casino Drive; you can’t miss us!

Yes, Nevada Made Marijuana is a recreational Laughlin dispensary (as are all our locations) which sells cannabis products for both medical and recreational use.

Yes, to buy weed at our Laughlin marijuana dispensary you need to be 21 years or older. All you need is a valid ID from any state or country that proves you are at least 21 years old.

Yes! We have a variety of delicious and potent edibles, like tablets, gummies, RSO’s. elixirs, and more.  Popular edible brands include Kanha, Mikes Bites, Flight Bites, and more!

No, we don’t deliver weed in Laughlin. Our Laughlin dispensary is open 24 hour and we are easy to reach.  Simply call us if you have any specific questions about transportation options. 

Yes.  Due to Nevada state regulations, we are cash only.  There is an onsite ATM available at our Laughlin location  for your convenience.

At Nevada Made Marijuana, we carry a variety of cannabis products to serve your preferred method of getting high. We feature amazing concentrates and extracts like badder. krumble, shatter, and more. Our vape cartridges and batteries are top notch and we pride ourselves on the best quality and variety of cannabis edibles, topicals, and tinctures. For those suffering with pain, we have topicals to help you find relief and healing. We also offer a range of our swag, great for gifts and accessories.

Click here for our online menu.

We use intensive, comprehensive fullspectrum testing to determine the quality of our marijuana flower. We exhaustively test for potency levels for all cannabinoid and test for the presence of any pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, and mold. We are known for our quality, safety and potency. From seed to sale, our process is airtight. We love to smoke too, so by maintaining the highest quality, we are also acting in our own self interest!

We test and collect potency data on all available cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBG. Our quality control process means that our products will be exactly as we advertise and you will know what you are getting. Our Budtenders are very well informed and can help answer any questions in realtime that you may have,

702-298-4810. Give us a call with any questions you may have. We are here for you and open 24 hours, 7 days a week.