Weed, prerolls, vapes, edibles, and more just blocks away from the Vegas Airport Rental Car Rental!

Landed at the Airport and Looking for the Nearest Dispensary in Las Vegas?

If you are visiting Las Vegas and have just landed at Harry Reid airport (formerly McCarron Airport) and are looking for the nearest dispensary, Nevada Made Marijuana is your top destination. How about 3 blocks from the airport? Looking for primo cannabis flower?  How about the best prerolls, vapes, or THC concentrates?

If you are a local and seeking Las Vegas dispensaries, you can order weed online or pop into your favorite cannabis dispensary Las Vegas.  Our 24 hour Vegas dispensary is a local favorite. If you are at the airport and have typed in “best weed near me”, you probably have already found Nevada Made’s dispensary Las Vegas. But did you know that Nevada is the nearest dispensary, only 3 blocks from the airport and is a 24 hour dispensary in Las Vegas?  At Nevada Made, we don’t spend money on big flashy ad campaigns. We want you to find the “best weed near me” and “best dispensary in Las Vegas” because we are both, but we spend our time getting customers the best quality cannabis products, keeping our prices low, and giving you the best 24 hour dispensary service available.

Where is Your Las Vegas Dispensary Located?

The 24 hour marijuana shop you have been seeking is the nearest Vegas dispensary to the airport!  Just click the map to the right on your phone and follow the map. Not only can you place your order online for fast and easy pickup, you can come browse and shop with easy, ample parking.  Few Las Vegas dispensaries have any parking.

When you land at the airport, no matter the hour, just come to the closest airport dispensary Las Vegas. Our Las Vegas dispensary is open 24 hours to serve you! You can order weed online while you are grabbing your luggage, and have your flower, prerolls, or vapes ready for pickup in minutes. Could buying weed in Las Vegas be any easier or more fun? No chance.

Order Weed, Vapes, Prerolls, Edibles and Concentrates Online for 24-Hour Pickup

You can order weed online from the best Vegas dispensary menu day or night. Within minutes your order will be ready for pickup. The steps are very easy to follow, just click, verify your identify and age, and immediately come pickup your order at our dispensary in Las Vegas.  You can also just walk in and buy at our Vegas dispensary on the spot. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Cannabis Products Does Your Las Vegas Dispensary Carry?








Simply the Best Cannabis Flower of all Las Vegas Dispensaries

Maybe you have tried Las Vegas dispensaries, or a dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip and been disappointed.  High prices?  Lack of freshness?  Poor quality or variety?  Buying weed at a dispensary on the Las Vegas strip is the equivalent of playing $24 for a stale sandwich in a casino–we do it only if forced to.  Don’t bother.  Only 3 blocks from the Vegas airport you can find us, with the top marijuana menu in town and the quality and variety of cannabis products you seek.  And open 24 hours.

What Growers and Flower Brands Do You Feature?

Nevada Made Marijuana is known as the best Las Vegas dispensary to feature quality, variety, freshness and potency.  Some weed brand fan favorites include: 

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What are Some of the Favorite Flower Strains on the Vegas Dispensary Menu?

When it comes to the best Vegas dispensary menu, we offer the freshest, highest quality marijuana strains at the most affordable price of any Vegas dispensary. Our Vegas dispensary menu features many of your favorites, and some hot new drops you will love at first smoke. These include:

Sativa Strains
Lemon Cane, Poison Peaches, Zellys Gift, La Bomb, Laughing Laughlin, London Pound Cake and more!

Indica Strains

Hendo Mendo, Lava Cake, Fire OG, Runtz, Burkle, Dosie Face, KushCo OG, Black Triangle, Kabunky No. 9 and more!

Hybrid Strains
Wedding Cake, Gorilla Krunch, Pink Cookies, Royal Chem, Triangle Mints, Mac N Cheese, Apple Fritter, Krazy Glue, and more!

Order the Freshest, Best Quality Cannabis - Best Dispensary Las Vegas -


Looking for the Best Cannabis Prerolls? Visit Las Vegas Best Dispensary!

Like our primo cannabis flower, we specialize in the freshest and most potent prerolls available on any dispensary menu in Vegas. Our prerolls are measured out so you always know you are getting the right amount for the best high possible.  Our dispensary Las Vegas prerolls are ready to smoke whenever you’re ready, so convenience is key. Avoid the mess of rolling your own, have maximum portability and a superior smoking experience. Simply place your preroll order online at any moment and our dispensary Las Vegas will have your order ready to go when you arrive?

What are some of your top PreRoll Brands featured on your Las Vegas Preroll menu?

Our prerolls are fresh, affordable, and hit you hard right away. Our Las Vegas best dispensary location features many of your favorites, and some hot new drops you will love at first smoke. These include:

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Order Your Prerolls Online from Our 24 Hour Vegas Dispensary...Ready for Pickup in Minutes

When it comes to getting high in Vegas, a preroll is one of the most basic and pleasurable ways to go about it. But when you buy prerolls from Nevada Made Marijuana’s dispensary Las Vegas, you know you are getting the freshest strains and sweetest burning joints in Vegas.  Order online and get in and out of the weed shop in minutes!


Order Vapes Online and Carts Online and Pickup at Our Vegas Dispensary

Are you searching Las Vegas dispensaries and looking to buy vapes online at a 24-hour Vegas Dispensary?  Just click to shop vapes online!

Quick and Easy Vape Ordering and Pickup in Las Vegas

We offer quick and efficient weed vape cart ordering in Las Vegas. Cannabis vaping in Las Vegas is very popular because it is less harsh and more discreet than traditional smoking of prerolls or hitting up a bong while in the middle of a casino (a no-no, as you can imagine). 

If you are arriving in Vegas, a portable vape pen fits in your pocket, and you can hit it to give you exactly what you need.

Our disposable weed vapes are some of the most popular items on our website.  Our Las Vegas vape store has a wide range of various exotic delights for you to try. The rich flavors will make vaping in Vegas a delicious experience, without emitting the strong smoke odor you may want to avoid.


Shop the Best Dispensary Las Vegas and Pick Up Your Order in Minutes

If you have landed in Las Vegas and want to get your trip off to the right start, buying THC concentrates online from the nearest dispensary to Las Vegas Airport is a great first step.

Our Las Vegas Weed Dispensary is your Destination for THC Concentrates:


Our Las Vegas dispensary menu features the best badder in Vegas with the finest genetics. Great for adding to your flower or a blunt.  Check our terps and THC % when you order weed online.


Heavy in options and variety on our Las Vegas dispensary menu, find Sugar Cookies, Wedding Cake and the always-popular White Runtz Krumble.  Click and your marijuana order will be ready for pickup in minutes!


Among the most refined dabbing products available in any Las Vegas marijuana dispensary, Sweet tastes and smells, high potency and euphoria. A great Vegas combo!


Shop the Best Cannabis Edibles of all Las Vegas Dispensaries and Pick Up Your Order in Minutes

If you have landed in Las Vegas and want to get your trip off to the right start, buying cannabis edibles online from the nearest dispensary to Las Vegas airport is a great first step. Our THC edibles provide the same magical benefits for people who can’t or don’t want to smoke.  Elixirs, gummies, RSO’s, tablets, soft gels…shop our online Las Vegas dispensary today!

Some of the most popular brands of cannabis edibles at our 24 hour Dispensary:

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24 Hour Shopping. Nearest Dispensary to Vegas Airport. Order Edibles Online from the Best Dispensary Las Vegas!


Shop the Best Topicals in Las Vegas and Pick Up Your Order in Minutes

If you want to hit the Vegas ground running, come grab a topical for pain relief, soreness or to help with whatever part of the body may ail you.  The nearest dispensary to the Vegas airport and the nearest dispensary you will find when you pick up your rental car. Our popular Menthol Topical and Roll On’s are just what the doctor ordered.  Check out our full dispensary Las Vegas menu today!

Quick and Easy Topical Ordering and Pickup at the Nearest Dispensary to LV Airport!

Come in to the best of Vegas 24 hour dispensaries and find an affordable solution to soreness, aches and pains. Place a dispensary order online at the best dispensary Las Vegas!  For anywhere on the body, try Nevada Made Marijuana’s topicals.  We carry popular, impactful brands like Flex-All and Trust Topical roll ons and rubs.  Shop the nearest dispensary to the Vegas airport with the best Vegas dispensary menu around. 

Like the Name Says, We are a Las Vegas, Nevada Dispensary, Here for You!

We are Nevada Made Marijuana, like our name says, are not some cannabis prefab chain, getting our weed from some industrial indoor grow operation thousands of miles away. We are considered among the best dispensaries in  Las Vegas,  and are the nearest dispensary to Las Vegas airport–but of all Las Vegas dispensaries, we are Nevada local, with Nevada grows, Nevada staff and our contribution to the local economy and tax base—which includes schools, fire and police, roads and services, is massive. We keep our money in Las Vegas and use it to both support the community and continue to supply you the best weed and cannabis products from our 24 hour dispensary.

Literally, even before you land, you can hop on your phone and click to order the freshest and most potent flower from our 24 hour dispensary.  The nearest dispensary to Vegas airport, with the best Las Vegas dispensary menu–the tastiest edibles, vapes, concentrates, prerolls—we have it all!

Best 24 Hour Weed Shop Right Off the Las Vegas Strip

If you are looking for the best dispensary Las Vegas strip, you have options. You can overpay at industrialized Las Vegas strip dispensaries with limited options, triple the normal prices and often the shaggiest weed around, or you can visit the best 24 hour cannabis dispensary in Vegas, Nevada Made Marijuana’s 24 hour dispensary and select from the stickiest, best flower in Vegas.  Most people consider Nevada a dispensary Las Vegas Strip but we are the nearest dispensary to the airport. Here you can take your time, select among the top shelf flower, and avoid stinky tourists–even though you may be one! You can try other 24 hour dispensaries in Las Vegas or you can choose the best cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas.   Searching for “cannabis near me?”  Looking for “weed near me”?  Seeking “marijuana near me?” Look no further!

Why Buy From Nevada Made’s Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensary?

Ever since the founding of our Las Vegas cannabis dispensary, Nevada Made Marijuana has been committed to producing the highest quality cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates and other products for our customers. Everyone working for Nevada Made Marijuana’s Las Vegas cannabis dispensary takes the time and care needed to provide the highest quality marijuana and the best service of any of Las Vegas dispensaries.  

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our reviews, and our friendly, knowledgeable Las Vegas weed dispensary Budtenders are always available by phone if you need to call with a question. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff.

Las Vegas Weed Dispensary Frequently Asked Questions

We have the best 24 hour dispensary in Las Vegas. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  You can buy weed online and pickup 24 hours per day!

Our Las Vegas 24 Hour Dispensary Address is:

310 Warm Springs Road Las Vegas, Nevada 83111
(click for directions)

Our Las Vegas weed dispensary is 3 blocks from the rental car center at Harry Reid (formerly McCarron) airport. We are the nearest marijuana dispensary to the airport.  That makes us the nearest cannabis dispensary when you get off the plane!

Our Las Vegas Nevada Made Marijuana dispensary is only recreational

Yes, to buy weed at our Vegas marijuana dispensary, or any Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries, you need to be 21 years or older. All you need to enter a Las Vegas cannabis dispensary is a valid ID from any state or country that proves you are at least 21 years old.

Hahaha, yes, why such doubt? We are literally the nearest weed dispensary Las Vegas to the Las Vegas airport. We are only 3 BLOCKS from the rental car center. Here are the steps most of our customers follow:

1. Get off airplane

2. Get your luggage at baggage claim (or you may not have luggage)

3. While getting your luggage or while on the airplane, place a weed order online at You can pickup your online weed order 3 blocks from the airport.

4. Pick up your rental car or Uber and go directly to our Las Vegas cannabis dispensary on Warm Springs Road to pick up your order

5. Pay and start partying immediately (not in the shop, please).

6. Leave 5 star review for us on Google. If you are too wasted, have a friend leave a review for our weed dispensary as your proxy. 

No, we don’t deliver weed. Our Las Vegas dispensary is open 24 hour and we are easy to reach by car, Uber, bus, and even walking, if you are near the airport. 

Yes.  Due to Nevada state regulations, we are cash only.  There is an onsite ATM available for your convenience.

At Nevada Made Marijuana, we carry a variety of cannabis products to serve your preferred method of getting high. We feature amazing concentrates and extracts like hash oil, coldwater hash, wax, shatter, and sauce. Our vape cartridges and batteries are top notch and we pride ourselves on the best quality and variety of cannabis edibles, topicals, and tinctures. For those suffering with pain, we have topicals to help you find relief and healing. We also offer a range of our swag, great for gifts and accessories.

Click here for our online menu.

We use intensive, comprehensive fullspectrum testing to determine the quality of our marijuana flower. We exhaustively test for potency levels for all cannabinoid and test for the presence of any pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, and mold. We are known for our quality, safety and potency. From seed to sale, our process is airtight. We love to smoke too, so by maintaining the highest quality, we are also acting in our own self interest!

We test and collect potency data on all available cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBG. Our quality control process means that our products will be exactly as we advertise and you will know what you are getting. Our Budtenders are very well informed and can help answer any questions in realtime that you may have

702-298-4830 Give us a call; we are here for you. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.