ATF Flower

As a hybrid Sativa strain, Alaskan Thunder Fu** is a great option for patients who are dealing with chronic pain. Many conditions cause pain that simply won’t go away, and there are only so many options for treating it. This strain is heavy with crystals and rather white looking with a lot of bright orange hairs. The smell is very diesel and skunky, but the flavor is like oranges and bananas with an aftertaste of spices. Patients who have no appetite can also benefit from this strain, as it does produce quite a bit of hunger.

Many medical marijuana patients who are living with chronic pain find that the pain can take away their appetite, so this strain is a great option for giving them two large benefits with only one strain needed. It also works almost immediately on pain reduction and is very potent, so it will be effective right from the start and last a long time. As the effects began to wear off it will trigger a rise in appetite, helping patients who are battling pain get some relief and also focus on getting the nutrition their bodies need to help improve their overall health.