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Reina: Black, Gold, Green & Gorgeous

Finally, a product that matches Las Vegas’ chic vibe! Image Credit Vegas is an evolving city, always on the cutting edge of high fashion, fine dining, live entertainment, and luxury living. You’d think that as Nevada unveiled its recreational cannabis laws, a luxury brand would have been ready to drop on day one. While many…
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6 Things You Should Know About CBD

6 Things You Should Know About CBD Cannabis is a unique plant with many, many uses. It’s mostly known for its euphoric properties, but it offers a host of other benefits. As legalization moves across the globe, researchers have unprecedented access to cannabis and we’re starting to gain a better understanding of the plant and…
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Introducing Nevada Made Cash!

Earn 5% In-Store Credit On Every Purchase! We here at Nevada Made Marijuana love our guests and we’re going to prove it! Sign up now and start earning an unprecedented 5% back in store credit on every purchase you make. That’s right … a full 5%! Spend $100 and get $5 back in store credit…
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