What Exactly Is “Shareable” Cannabis?

Old Pal Classic “Shareable” Flower has one simple vision: “It’s just weed, man.”


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Before there were individually packaged prerolls. Before BHO. Before storefront dispensaries with their shiny glass displays. Before seed-to-sale tracking software. And before celebrity cannabis brands, there was ‘the leaf.’ Old Pal invites you back to that time. Roll up a few to share with old friends and new.

Some of you reading this right now might not be familiar with the leaf. All you might know are the latest strain names, most notorious cultivators and cannabis influencers, and the hottest new extract, which is great. It shows how far we’ve truly come in such a short time. But as recently as 20-30 years ago, there were no such rallying points for cannabis lovers.

Sure, we had our own cultural touchstones, including Cheech, Chong, Willie, and High Times (print only and often hard to find). We had a few strain names to talk about, like Purple Haze, Northern Lights, and Acapulco Gold. And Amsterdam was some far-away magical land we all wanted to visit.

While this wasn’t much, it was enough to spark conversations and form friendships. Our circles were intimate and small but welcoming. We laughed and cried and mourned and celebrated together. We were a community – a family – brought together by cannabis.

Old Pal reminds me of that time in my life. It makes me want to roll up a couple and call my friends over. It truly begs to be shared.

But what is Shareable Cannabis?  


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Shareable means abundance. Having enough to pass around and not worry about it too much. Old Pal meets this demand with their 1/8 oz. packages. You get a full eighth of lovingly handled buds to grind into a big mound of fun. Roll some, pack some, maybe cook with some. It’s just weed, man. You don’t need heady glass or 24K Shine papers to enjoy this flower. I’m using an orange pack of Zig Zags and having a great time.

Shareable means unpretentious. With cultivators and extractors gaining near stardom on social media, top-shelf cannabis has gained a haughtiness that never existed before. In the era of $80 1/8th’s (not including tax!), Old Pal gently steps in to remind us, it’s just weed, man. Is Old Pal top-shelf? Well, the batch of Weed Bros OG I’m currently puffing on tests at 22% THC and has a terpene profile equal to many top-tier flowers. Plus, every 1/8th is packaged with a Boveda humidity pack, helping to keep the flowers fresh and moist to the very end. But is this the FIRE? Is this the DANK? Nope, this is just plain old good weed. Smoke some and you’ll feel great. 

Shareable means social. Have you ever noticed how you have a more euphoric experience when you smoke with friends? There’s all kinds of additional internal happiness going on when you sesh with a group. Different pleasure receptors are activating alongside your humming endocannabinoid system, giving you a heightened cannabis experience. You think Old Pal doesn’t understand this? They know that social smoking is the most enjoyable, and that lovely principle has helped guide their brand.

Shareable means affordable. If you’re going to share, you want to have enough for everyone and Old Pal is changing consumer options. Much of the affordable cannabis on the market is white labeled from unfamiliar cultivators, or even second-choice buds. You know, the popcorn and larf. By partnering with NLVO Organics, Old Pal is able to offer great flowers through an experienced and established cultivator. This relationship also helps keep costs low, allowing Old Pal to be one of the highest quality, price-competitive brands on the market.

Shareable means sustainable. Old Pal’s cannabis is “all natural, sun-kissed, and rain-watered.” No massive indoor grows with their hefty energy consumptions. No triple cardboard boxed glass jars or fancy wasteful packaging. Their plastic pouches are designed to weigh less than their contents, moving further toward best sustainability practices. This is how cannabis was grown and traded for generations. This is Old Pal taking us back to our roots while showing care for our environment.


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Shareable means … Shareable. Pick up a bag of Old Pal and get your friends together. You won’t be disappointed!

Old Pal comes in three varieties. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Rather than chasing the latest phenotype or seed bank, Old Pal has simplified things by growing three well-known, established varieties of cannabis. It’s much easier for consumers to wrap their heads around the term Indica versus being offered a Pre-98 Bubba Kush or a StrawNana, which is a whole other conversation in itself.

While the science behind the physical expressions of the plant compared to the euphoric effects of Indica’s, Sativa’s, and Hybrid’s is still unfolding, we can use these general terms to understand the basic effects of the strains. Whatever variety you choose, you’re sure to have some good smoke to share with friends.

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