How to Create the Ultimate Wake and Bake Experience

How to Create the Ultimate Wake and Bake Experience

Americans smoke more weed in the mornings and during the daytime than any other nation. The act of getting high shortly after starting your day is referred to as “waking and baking”.  For many people, a morning wake and bake session is a positive start to the day. So, how often do you wake and bake?

There are numerous reasons that many waking and baking may be a great way to start your day. Ingesting weed in the morning has been shown to produce positive and energizing effects for many smokers.

The best wake and bake experiences begin with high-quality, fresh flower. There are several ways to prepare for a positive wake and bake experience. In the following informational guide, we will discuss everything that you need to know about smoking weed in the morning-time to help you plan for a smooth day.

Tips for a Successful Wake and Bake

There are several precautions that must be taken to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and successful wake and bake experience.

1). Clear Your Schedule to Wake and Bake

Clear your morning schedule in preparation for your smoke session. This is especially important if this is your first wake and bake experience or if you are trying a new daytime strain. You don’t want to end of up becoming too stoned to complete your daily responsibilities.

 It may be in your best interest to wait until a day off to wake and bake with a new cannabis strain.

It is wise to remember that is illegal to drive after ingesting THC. Be sure to allow your body plenty of time to process the weed before operating any heavy machinery, including a motor vehicle.

2). Prepare the Ultimate Breakfast Experience

Create the ultimate wake and bake experience with a delicious breakfast. Weed makes everything better, especially a delicious and well-planned breakfast. At minimum, you should decide upon which foods you would like to eat before you smoke. This can help avoid issues of laziness or indecisiveness.  

While the temptation may be to load up on carbs, eating a healthy breakfast with some delicious flower is even more ideal; you are taking care of your body, giving it what it needs, and creating a euphoric high at the same time.  What could possibly be a better way to start the day?

enjoy smoking weed Ultimate Wake and Bake Experience

3). Shower after Smoking

Weed produces a strong and very iconic smell that may not be well-received by everyone, for example, your employer.

No cannabis advocate will ever recommend smoking before any important obligation if you aren’t going to be at top performing capacity– but if you do, remember to shower afterward.

Enjoy your morning toke in your pajamas and wait to get fully dressed until are a shower. This will help you start your day off right without packing around the smell throughout the day.  

Is Wake and Bake a Good Idea for Me?

Many people enjoy starting the day off with a pleasant wake and bake session. This isn’t a great idea for everyone. Whether or not it is a good idea will depend on your body’s unique response to weed. Whether or not waking and baking is a good idea will depend on your unique circumstances.

Develop a plan to wake and bake on a day when you have few responsibilities. This is especially important if you are new to the wake and bake experience.  But if you are in Las Vegas and want to hit the top Vegas dispensary to start your wake and bake day, Nevada Made Marijuana is ready for you!

Best Cannabis Strains to Start Your Day

Choosing the best cannabis strains to start your day is one of the most important elements of creating a successful wake and bake experience. Strains that are too potent or Indica-dominant may cause undesirable effects, including sleepiness. Of course, sleepiness may not be an issue if you plan on being home all afternoon and will have an opportunity to take a nap.

Opt for Sativa-dominant strains to increase focus and creativity. 

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