Nevada Made Marijuana: Bong Guide 101

Nevada Made Marijuana: Bong Guide 101

Bongs are iconic accessories that are used as part of an enjoyable weed-smoking experience. Bongs are available in a variety of styles and designs. The seemingly complex design of a bong can be off-putting for some pot smokers. Every bong is different and can be intimidating for even the most seasoned pot smoker. The truth is that bongs are less complex than they may appear, although some bongs are truly a work of art and can be considered as such.

Have you considered smoking weed in a bong? Smoking with a bong is much easier once you understand the different parts of the equipment. Continue reading as we reveal everything you need to know about bongs.

Parts of a Bong

Bongs come in a variety of sizes but are designed with many of the same simple components. You can easily use any bong once you understand a few of the features that are universal across all bongs.

Parts of a Bong:

  • Base
  • Bowl
  • Chamber
  • Mouthpiece
  • Neck

Understanding how to use these parts of the bong properly will increase your confidence using various types of smoking apparatuses.

Bong Materials

Bongs are pipes that are filled with water to create a smooth and enjoyable pot-smoking experience. Bongs can be manufactured in numerous sizes and designs, and possess a range of optional features.

Bongs can be crafted from a wide variety of potential materials, including glass, ceramic, or plastic.

Glass Bongs

The majority of weed-smoking tools are crafted from glass, including hand pipes and bongs. Glass bongs are transparent and easier to clean and maintain. Smokers use glass bongs to enjoy the cleanest hit possible.

Glass bongs can break easily when dropped on concrete, laminate, or another hard surface. Glass bongs are generally more expensive and can become costly to replace if broken regularly.

nevade made marijuana bong guide

Plastic and Silicone Bongs

Plastic and silicone bongs are a more affordable alternative to glass bongs. These materials are more cost-efficient because of their increased durability.

Some people are deterred by the unpleasant taste experienced with plastic and silicone bong use.

Bong Styles

Bongs come in a variety of different shapes and styles, including beakers, straight tubes, zig-zagged, and more.

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are shaped like the beakers used in a science laboratory. Other than their cool lab-themed appearance, beaker bongs generate a lot of powerful smoke.

Straight Tube Bongs

Straight tube bongs are the simplest style and the first choice for many new bong users. This classic style is simple to use and easy to clean.

Zig Zag Bong

Zig-zag bongs, also known as zongs, are popular among weed smokers for their uniquely curvy design. Zig-bongs may feature one or multiple curves throughout the piece. These curves function as a splash guard to keep water from splashing up and out of the chamber.


Interested in reaping the clean hit of a water bong without investing in oversized equipment? Bubblers are miniature portable versions of a full-sized bongs. Bubblers use water to create the same high as when traditional bongs are used.

Getting a Smooth Bong Hit

The chamber is the water reservoir of the bong. Fill the bong chamber with cold water until the downstem is filled. The cooler water in the chamber creates the iconic bong smoke experience.

You will need to determine the appropriate amount of water to add the bong chamber to allow for a smooth hit. Too little water and your hit will be to dry, while too much water may be too harsh to inhale. Experiment with different levels of water until you achieve your desired bong hit.

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