Weed Dosage Guide–Nearest Dispensary to Vegas Airport

Weed Dosage Guide From the Vegas Airport's Nearest Dispensary

As those of us who work at the nearest dispensary to Vegas Airport can attest, the majority of weed smokers have experienced the mistake of becoming uncomfortably high at some point in their lives. Getting too stoned is generally a result of consuming too much THC. So, how do you determine how much weed to ingest for a pleasant high?

Determining your ideal dosage can be a little confusing, even for experienced cannabis smokers. First, you’ll need to determine is your ideal baseline THC dosage. This will require you to assess several personal, environmental, and circumstantial factors.

Every individual is affected directly, depending on their metabolism and method of ingestion. We explore the numerous factors involved in determining the ideal weed dosage. Adhering to the following advice to ensure that you have a pleasant experience and reduce the risk of getting too high.

Cannabis Tolerance

Every individual has their own unique cannabis tolerance level, depending on their cannabis consumption habits. How much weed can you consume without feeling too high?

The more often you consume cannabis, the higher your tolerance. Start with an amount that makes you pleasant, but not excessively tired.

People who are new to smoking cannabis may only require one of two hits to feel the powerful effects of THC. More experience smokers may require additional hits to achieve the same effects.

Biological Factors

Cannabis affects the body’s endocannabinoid system which is involved in an extensive list of bodily processes, including pain regulation, energy levels, and mood.

There are also several biological factors involved in the potential effects of weed, including weight, metabolism, and other unique factors.

Weed Dosage Based on Consumption Methods

The method that you choose to consume cannabis is a major factor in dosage guidelines.

How Much Weed to Smoke

The effects of THC are almost immediate when marijuana is smoked. This means that you only need to wait for a maximum of ten minutes in between hits if you want to achieve a stronger high.  So hitting Vegas nearest dispensary after you arrive in Vegas and knowing the timing of when weed hits you, it’s not a good idea to smoke and then drive.  Use common sense and wait until you arrive at your destination, and then toke until your heart is content.  But don’t smoke and drive!

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Weed Edibles Dosage

Edibles, however, are absorbed through the gastroenterological system, delaying onset for anywhere from 1-3 hours. We recommend a starter dosage of less than 5 mg of THC if you are new to cannabis edibles. Always wait a minimum of 2 hours before consuming more edibles to avoid getting too high.

Weed Transdermal Patches

Transdermal cannabis patches are generally sold in doses ranging from 10mg to 20mg of THC. These patches are most effective when placed on an area of the skin where veins are visible. The effects of transdermal patches are

Cannabis Dosage Tips

Every cannabis enthusiast reacts differently to weed and there is no way to calculate the perfect weed dosage.

Start Slow

The best approach that you can take is to always start slow. You can always smoke more weed or eat more edibles if you aren’t high enough. A slow approach is the best way to prevent the unpleasant experience of being too high.

Additional Cannabis Dosage Tips:

  • Drink plenty of water when consuming weed, especially edibles.
  • Always wait it out if you are unsure of whether you should consume more of any type of cannabis product.
  • Consume weed in a quiet and safe location if you are new to the effects of a product strain.
  • There is no immediate solution if you find yourself too stoned. Eat a nutritionally rich meal and lie down. Time will pass and you will feel better in a few hours.

Choose the Right Weed Strain

Start with a cannabis strain that features a balanced cannabinoid profile. Ice Cream Cake, from TRAVIS X JAMES, is a potent hybrid strain that contains THC, limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool.

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Always remember that there is no formula to calculate the perfect THC dosage. Everyone has a different response to weed. The best way to experience an uplifting and positive high is to always start slow and increase your dosage gradually.

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