Kabunky Live Resin: The Best Of The Best

Kabunky’s Live Resin line is as top shelf as it comes!


Have you ever had Live Resin? If not, you’re definitely missing out! Live Resin is one of the most flavorful and potent cannabis concentrates available and is becoming one of Kabunky’s most popular products. Kabunky is well-known for their concentrate line, which includes multiple variations of BHO, high-grade distillate, and now Live Resin.

Live Resin is similar to other BHO products in that it’s made using Butane extraction processes. Butane is passed through plant material, stripping the active compounds. The butane is then purged in a vacuum oven, leaving only the best parts of the cannabis plant. By stripping all unnecessary material away, you’re getting the pure essence of cannabis with none of the plant matter. It’s some of the purest and most concentrated cannabis you can find.

Live Resin is unique because of the way it’s handled prior to processing. BHO can be made from all manner of plant material, including dried and cured flower, fresh flower, cannabis trim (cured or fresh), and even frozen, which is where Live Resin comes from.


To make Live Resin, fresh plants are harvested and immediately frozen. This freezing process allows the fatty lipids in the plant to be fully extracted, making Live Resin extremely potent. Also, freezing the plant slows terpene loss, giving the final Live Resin more flavor than other BHO products. Essentially, the process is highly effective at capturing the true essence of the resin glands (trichomes) at the height of their effectiveness. This is why Live Resin offers a deeper and more enriching euphoria. 

Kabunky’s Live Resin line is the result of much R&D and testing and a product line we’re very proud of. Not only do we make Live Resin from our own fine line of flowers, we’re reaching out to our fellow cultivators to get the best of their harvest to create new and exciting offerings. One of our best so far is the Wedding Cake Badder. It’s creamy soft, filled with flavor, and will have you feeling better than you can imagine! Just check out this picture from our head extractor (make sure to follow him on Insta to see all the cool stuff going on):

Come on down to either Nevada Made Marijuana location to try some for yourself. Check out our menu here to reserve yours for easy pickup!