Getting High in Vegas: How Much Is Too Much

Getting High in Vegas: How Much Is Too Much

Recreational weed can make for an exciting trip to the Las Vegas area. Practically endless purchase limits allow you to stock up and enjoy weed throughout your entire trip.  And the best Las Vegas dispensary is 3 blocks from the Vegas airport!  The possibilities are endless..but knowing how Vegas can be, is it possible to be too stoned?  

We have all been there…tasty marijuana edibles are taking forever to work and your decide to eat more. Or you find a smoke-friendly location, toke up with some fun locals, and suddenly amidst socialization, you realize you might be too stoned to function.

No worries. The good news is that you will ultimately be alright, even if you do smoke too much weed, eat too many edibles, and end up stoned out of your mind.

6 Signs That You May Be Too Stoned at The Casino

If you find yourself too stoned to function, calm down and relax. The effects of being too stoned will pass in time.  Take a nap or grab a snack and wait it out. Avoid making any rash gambling decisions.

Here are six signs that you may be too stoned to gamble inside a Las Vegas Casino…

1.)When You Continue to Hit on Blackjack

You’re playing a game of Blackjack and the dealer lays down a 10 and 7. 17. You know damn well that hitting would be a bad decision. But you are stoned out of your mind and your brain to continues to hit even with terribly low odds.

You may be too stoned to gamble when your high mind tells you that you could still win, despite the fact that you continue to lose. Take a break and sober up before you go broke gambling too stoned.

2.) When You Think You’re Playing Blackjack but You’re Playing Poker

You find yourself at what you think is a Blackjack table and are ready to play. The dealer isn’t dealing correctly and suddenly you are very confused. Is this a new type of Blackjack? You don’t know how to play this game. Oh no, you must have forgotten how to play Blackjack.

You stare wide-eyed at the dealer and other gamblers at the table. Why are they fazed by this odd dealing and game of Blackjack? The other players are all staring at you and annoyed. They point at your chips and say “ante-up”. Suddenly, you realize what is going on… you aren’t playing Blackjack at all…. You are at a poker table.

It may be time to time a break from smoking weed if you forget the game you are playing. Playing while you’re too stoned could be costly.

3.) When You Keep Getting Lost

You may be too stoned if you can’t find your way into, out of, or around the casino. You knew you were stoned but suddenly you realize that you may have overdone it. You went to the bathroom earlier, but now it’s gone. Did the bathroom location change? No, that is impossible. How do I find the exit? Does the casino have an exit location that is different from the way in?

Continuing to be confused about your location is a tale-tale sign that you may be stoned to make responsible gambling decisions.

love to Get High in Vegas

4.) You Vomit On the Floor, At The Poker Table, Or In A Plant

Your heart is beating much too quickly and you are sweating excessively. You’re feeling dizzy and can’t remember how long you’ve been at the casino or the last time you’ve eaten. Food sounds like a good idea until suddenly you experience extreme nausea. Without time to find the bathroom, you vomit in a nearby plant.

Weed is generally well-known as an effective aid for easing symptoms of nausea. However, being too stoned can have an adverse effect on the body and result in dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

It may be time to take a break if you find yourself vomiting in random places throughout the casino.

Be Responsible When Smoking Weed While Gambling and Shop at Vegas' Best Dispensary

Weed is a generally safe and fun way to elevate your casino gambling experience. Enjoy your bud, gamble away, but keep an eye out for signs that you may be too stoned.

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