5 Special Occasions For Smoking A Vegas Cannagar

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Vegas Cannagars are handmade, smokeable pieces of art, and worthy of a special occasion.

We love to celebrate. Think of all the parties and events we attend and host every year. From the fancy to the informal, we spend a lot of time celebrating life’s milestones.

And deservedly so. Why shouldn’t we celebrate? There’s nothing wrong with gathering together those close to us, creating new memories that will last forever.

Now that legalization allows us to introduce cannabis into our lifestyles, it’s time to consider the perfect cannabis product with which to celebrate.

Look no further than Vegas Cannagars. Each cannagar is completely produced by hand, making them some of the most artisan cannabis products that you can actually consume.

Smoking a Vegas Cannagar is like hiring a private chef to cook you a five-star meal. It’s like popping the cork on a fine bottle of champagne. It’s like bottle service in a private booth at the hottest club.

It’s kind of a big deal.

And here are five occasions that are worthy of indulging with a cannagar.

1: Your Birthday


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Birthdays are one of the most personal occasions in our lives. It’s our day, and we want to mark it for the milestone it is. It’s not just another day. It’s a day to reflect on the past year’s successes and failures.

It’s about recognizing how far you’ve come, and understanding better how far you can truly go. You’ve got the power in you to do anything, and birthdays are the perfect time to gather loved ones close and celebrate life.

A Vegas Cannagar is great for group events because of its long burn time. Its concentrate-infused core creates a wicking effect, slowing the burn of the flowers. This translates to a lavishly extensive burn time. Whether you’ve got 20 people puffing on it for an hour, or five enjoying it all night long, this is a great way to wish yourself a happy birthday.

2: Career Advancement

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You’ve put it in the hours, went above and beyond, and now you’re hard work is being recognized. You’re getting that promotion or raise or position of respect that you deserve and it’s time to celebrate!

Few victories are as sweet as career victories. Advancing at work takes actual work. It means sacrificing free time for personal learning. It means long hours. It means not only having great ideas, but implementing them and making sure the right people notice. And worst of all, it can take years of patience, waiting for that perfect position to become available.

Well it’s all paying off now, and you should remember this moment with a Vegas Cannagar. Each cannagar is stored in a wax-sealed glass curing tube, keeping them fresh and moist to maintain maximum flavor and potency. Cracking that wax seal on the glass tube will be one of the most satisfying memories of your life, knowing that you earned this one.

3: Your Anniversary

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Love is remarkable and finding someone who loves us for the funny, flawed, and wonderful human beings we are is worth celebrating. Anniversaries remind us of our shared history and the reasons we stay together, even when it gets hard.

They remind us of our first kiss, our first fight, our first laugh. They bring dusty memories out of the shadows, breathing into them new life. Anniversaries renew and strengthen old bonds, and create the new ones that build the foundations of any successful relationship.

Herald your love with a Vegas Cannagar. Tuck it into a double bouquet of their favorite flowers. Wrap it in a handmade box, tied with a silk ribbon. Lay it among the rose petals you scatter across your lover’s bed. Get creative. This is the person you love and they deserve the best.

4: In Memoriam

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We’ll all face the death of our close friends or family members at some time in our lives. And what is the funeral and wake if not a celebration of a life lived? They are times for intimate conversations, shared tears, and hopefully a few laughs over fond memories. The worn out tradition of drinking away the grief is from a different era, and in desperate need of replacement.

Grieve the passing of a life with the gentle caress of cannabis rather than alcohol’s aggressive intoxication. Instead of drinking the night away, only to have vague memories of mourning with loved ones, raise a cannagar instead. You’ll find mental relief and be able to be present in the moment, letting you process and heal.

So much is said of cannabis’ physical healing abilities, that its emotional wellness properties are often overlooked. Many sufferers of grief and depression use cannabis as an emotional balm that gets them through difficult times. Vegas Cannagars use only medical-grade products, so you’re sure to find the emotional relief you crave.

5: The Big Game

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Vegas is quickly becoming a national sports destination. We’ve got the Golden Knights carving up the Strip, and the Raiders will soon be gathering fans in droves. With all the hype, it’s time to host a game party!

Nothing beats a game party. The finger foods, the raucous cheering, and the camaraderie all contribute to a great time had by all. The only thing that can make them better would be a Vegas Cannagar to enjoy while rooting on the home team.

Vegas Cannagars are 100% sourced and produced in Las Vegas. They’re truly a local brand. Their team calls Vegas home, and they want to deliver only the best, most exclusive cannabis experience in the valley. When you’re smoking a Vegas Cannagar, you’re supporting local small business, and that’s a great thing!

Bonus Occasion: Cannabis Tasting

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Have you heard about the hottest new trend in party hosting? It’s called a cannabis tasting and it needs to be your next event! Remember, you heard it here first.

A cannabis tasting is just like it sounds. You select a specific product, or group of products, which are enjoyed and reviewed by the group. You may not know, but there are thousands of cannabis strains with their own unique euphoric experiences, just waiting to be tried. Why not start with the best?

Vegas Cannagars only source the finest cannabis leaves, flowers, and concentrates to make their cannagars. The flowers are all indoor grown, lab-tested for cleanliness and potency, and expertly processed. The concentrates are all made by extraction artists with an eye for specific textures and potency levels. And the leaves used to wrap each cannagar are hand-selected and cured for the perfect texture and moisture content.


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Simply put, these are artisan cannagars, made with love by a small team of specialists in their field. There might be a few hundred people in the world able to produce a Cannagar of this quality. But rest assured, only in Nevada will you find the highest product cleanliness standards. That means we’ve got the finest artists working with the finest materials available anywhere on the planet.

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