THC Testing

The Snowcap strain of medical marijuana is a Sativa, and is light green in color. There are numerous crystals on the outside of the bud, along with hairs that are light peach in color. With a sweet, strong smell but a very light taste, many patients find it to be a good choice for calming them down. That makes the strain a likely option for people who struggle with stress, nervous tension, or anxiety, since they can use the Snowcap strain to reduce some of those feelings. It doesn’t have a big effect on pain or insomnia, though, so it may not be the best choice for patients suffering from those types of ailments. The calming effects of the Snowcap strain are relatively short-lived, which makes this a good option for people who need to calm down from an anxiety attack or similar problem, and then get back to their day. If a doctor has prescribed medical marijuana for your stress or anxiety concerns and you’re looking for something that will work for your needs, this could be a great strain to try. Feeling more relaxed quickly without a long-lasting high can help patients feel better and manage their condition.