Grower Circle Fresh Drop

The best is back on our shelves. We've got five flower strains from Grower Circle. Hurry in, this will not last long.

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If you've been around Nevada's cannabis circles for long, you're sure to know the name Grower Circle. One of the oldest and most foundational cultivators our state has to offer, they produce some of the finest cannabis on shelves anywhere.

Grower Circle is one of the most well-regarded cultivators in the state, possibly the country, and their products are always in high demand. But why? What sets them apart?

Their flowers are always indoor cultivated, hand-processed, whole-plant hung-dry, and perfectly cured and packaged. Grower Circle takes the time to do things right.

But their process is only half of what goes into growing absolute pristine cannabis. Genetics play a large part as well. In their own words: "Our exotic cultivars is what sets us apart. We’ve won multiple awards and maintained a strong reputation by working with the most sought-after strains, both bred in-house, and from the best breeders in the industry."

We're excited to announce that we've got five of Grower Circle's freshest flower strains on shelves now. Choose from:

  • Birthday Face - Birthday Cake and Face on Fire. As delicious as it is potent. 
  • Hashbar OG - 70% Indica-dominant Hybrid with all the charm of a dank OG.
  • King Louis - A powerful cross of OG Kush and LA Confidential. 
  • Do-Si-Dos - Indica dominant hybrid with qualities similar to its GSC lineage. 
  • Wedding Cake - Some breeders call call this strain Pink Cookies, but we call it straight GAS! 

With five strains to choose from, it'll be hard deciding which ones to get. We recommend at least one of each!

Stop in today to any of our three locations to get your own Grower Circle flowers. Or, Click Here to pre-order online for convenient pickup!