Delivery FAQ

Delivery FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Nevada Made Delivery.

What is the minimum order amount?
Our minimum delivery order amount is $75.00 in Henderson.
Our minimum delivery order amount is $50.00 in Laughlin.

How can I stay updated?
To get text alerts from our Laughlin location text 'MADE' to 833-864-7486.
To get text alerts from our Henderson location text 'MADE' to 833-864-7485.

Is there a delivery fee?
No. There is no fee for delivery.

Can the driver make change for me?
No. Our drivers carry no cash to make change.

Can the driver wait while I leave to get change?
No. Our drivers have a two-minute window at your door to complete the delivery.

Can I tip my driver?
Yes. Driver gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Can recreational customers make a delivery order?
Yes. We are delivering to recreational customers.

Where do I place my order?
Place your order at

Can I order on Weedmaps or Leafly?
No. You must order through our website only.

Can I order from your full menu?
Yes. All menu items can be ordered for delivery, including accessories.

What areas do you deliver to?
We are currently delivering to these Henderson and Las Vegas zip codes:

We are currently delivering to these Laughlin zip codes:

More zip codes to come as we expand our Delivery Area! Check back frequently if your zip code is not in our current Delivery Area.

Can I order delivery to Arizona or California addresses?
No. Nevada Made can only deliver to Nevada residential addresses.

Can I receive my order at work?
No. All orders must be delivered to a residential address.

Do I have use the address on my license for delivery?
No. You will given the chance to fill out two address fields when placing your order. 1: Your billing address. 2: Your delivery address. You can use any Nevada residential address for your delivery address, it does not have to match the address on your ID.

If I live in a gated community, can I just meet the driver at the gate?
No. You must meet the driver at the door of your residence. 

Do I have to be there when my order arrives?
Yes. The only person who can receive the order is the person whose ID we have on file placing the order. 

What do I need when the driver arrives?
Please have your cash payment ready, as well as your ID. Drivers will check ID to confirm the person receiving the order is the person we have on file placing the order.

What kind of ID is accepted?
Our accepted forms of ID are driver's licenses, passports, and state ID cards.

Can I use Medical/Veterans/Industry discounts?
No. There are no discounts on delivery orders.

Do I still get my Nevada Made Money rewards?
Yes. All customers still earn 5% in-store credit on every purchase. 

Can I spend my Nevada Made Money when placing my order?
No. We cannot accept Nevada Made Money in-store credit for deliveries. 

What time will my order come in Henderson?
Deliveries times are between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. 

What time will my order come in Laughlin?
Deliveries times are between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. 

What if I need my delivery after a certain time (ie: after I get off of work)
When you place your order, please add specific instructions to the Notes section regarding delivery after a certain time. 

When can I order?
The Laughlin Digital Shopping Cart is live and accepting orders 24/7.
The Henderson Digital Shopping Cart is live and accepting orders between 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
**Based on your position in the order cue, your order may be scheduled for next-day delivery.

How will I know my order is on the way?
You will receive a text message when your order leaves the building. You will also receive a phone call from your driver when you're the next stop on their route. 

What if I miss the phone call from the driver?
If your driver cannot reach you on the phone number you provide in your profile, they will not attempt delivery. **Please be sure to answer your phone while you're expecting a delivery. 

Will a Nevada Made vehicle pull up in front of my house?
No. All deliveries are done in discreet vehicles. 

Can I change my order at the door?
No. All deliveries must be accepted as ordered or cancelled entirely.

How much can I order at once?
State limits per product type on one order are:
- 3.5 grams of Concentrates
- 28 grams of Flowers (1 ounce)
- 3,500 mg. of Edibles

Do I have to upload a picture of my ID?
Yes. You will be asked to upload your ID when you place your first delivery order.

What if I need to cancel my order?
Please call 702-737-7777 if you need to cancel your order. 

**All Sales Are Final 
**Management Reserves All Rights