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What Exactly Is “Shareable” Cannabis?

Old Pal Classic “Shareable” Flower has one simple vision: “It’s just weed, man.” Image Credit Before there were individually packaged prerolls. Before BHO. Before storefront dispensaries with their shiny glass displays. Before seed-to-sale tracking software. And before celebrity cannabis brands, there was ‘the leaf.’ Old Pal invites you back to that time. Roll up a few…
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Matrix Super Soft Fruit Juice Gummies!

Finally, an infused gummy that is both soft and delicious! They’ve always been known for their incredible flowers, but their new Fruit Juice Gummies give fans something else to love about Matrix. Matrix has been growing and producing cannabis products for a few years now and in that time they’ve established themselves as a force…
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Welcome To Nevada Made Marijuana

Dispensing Quality Of Life Click Here To Shop Now Our main goal at Nevada Made Marijuana is to provide quality cannabis products at affordable prices. Whether you’re a card-carrying medical patient or a recreational user, we make the buying process simple. How Does The Process Work? For many of our guests, it’s their first time visiting…
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