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What Are Terpenes and Why They Matter in a Strain | Guide

what are terpenes

What are Terpenes and Why Do They Matter? Do you love the smell of marijuana? For many users, the aroma that cannabis produces is a significant part of the overall experience. Well, that’s where terpenes come into the picture. You may have heard the word “terpene” thrown about by friends or online. But do you […]

Choosing Your Dabbing Rig: What to Look For

Dabbing Rig

The world of cannabis has been turned on its ear, thanks to the introduction and rising popularity of dabs. These potent concentrates have quickly become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. If you are an avid smoker and are interested in dabbing, it is important to know how to choose a dabbing […]

Cannabis Concentrates 101: the Complete Guide

cannabis concentrates laughlin

As state after state legalizes recreational cannabis, new consumption methods are gaining popularity. But none of them have captured the attention of mainstream marijuana culture as cannabis concentrates. With their amber color and high potency, concentrates are rapidly becoming one of the hottest new ways to smoke. We’ll look at the reasons behind that in […]