Monthly Archives: March 2019

Brick Weed Is Back: Introducing Kabunky BRIX©

Recent innovations in cultivation tech have driven “old-school” consumers away, claiming modern cannabis is just too potent. Image Credit Top-shelf brands are taking a back seat to the hottest new flowers on the market. Introducing Kabunky BRIX©. This throwback brand is returning consumers to the simpler flowers they once knew and loved. Kabunky BRIX© brings…
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420 – The Most Misunderstood Number In Cannabis

How many origin stories for 420 have you heard? Image Credit What once was deep culture is now pop culture. You can’t dip your toe into modern cannabis culture without encountering the term 420. It’s literally everywhere. 420 is used for cannabis brands, gear and accessory brands, social groups, clothing lines, user names and hashtags,…
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5 Special Occasions For Smoking A Vegas Cannagar

5 Special Occasions For Smoking A Vegas Cannagar Image Credit Vegas Cannagars are handmade, smokeable pieces of art, and worthy of a special occasion. We love to celebrate. Think of all the parties and events we attend and host every year. From the fancy to the informal, we spend a lot of time celebrating life’s…
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