Sky Walker Flower

The Sour Diesel strain is popular with many medical marijuana patients for its great Indica and Sativa blend. It’s greenish white and has a citrusy, zesty odor. The smell is pungent and smoky with a hint of grape, and the taste is a bit sour but still very palatable. The biggest benefit to this strain is that it provides a strongly uplifting experience that some patients have even described as spiritual. It’s an excellent strain for those suffering from depression, as it generally lifts a patient’s mood quite quickly and helps them to feel better faster than other strains or medications might allow for.

Sleeplessness is also a condition the Sour Diesel strain can treat, as the mood boosting effects help improve the way a patient feels about life, which can lead to a better quality of sleep. It can be very difficult to rest and sleep properly and comfortably when stress and depression are overtaking life, and this strain can help with those issues. Many patients also use it to feel more comfortable and in control, and to alleviate problems like headaches and joint pain. Controlling pain is very important to quality of life, and this strain is a good choice for pain reduction.