Grape Stomper Flower

The Grape Stomper strain is very popular with medical marijuana patients as a Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s a green, frosty strain and smells a lot like sweet cheese with a hint of grape and pine. The taste is similar to grape as well, and is sweet and thick. Because the strain’s effects come on rather slowly and produce a focused, euphoric feeling followed by relaxation, it’s a great choice for a number of medical problems. Many patients use if for focus-based issues such as ADHD, and they also suggest it for stress and anxiety because of the happy but mellow feelings it produces.

Patients who are struggling with chronic pain may want to try the Grape Stomper strain, and it can benefit those who have eating disorders or who may have a condition which reduces their appetite. By helping spark appetite and reduce pain, many patients find that they are better able to get proper nutrition and the rest they need to feel more in control of their life and their medical condition. This strain is an excellent option for pain reduction, making it one of the best strains for patients who have chronic pain conditions that need good management on a long-term basis.