Get to Know Our Amazing Budtender Alison!


Alison Tessier is a budtender at our Henderson dispensary and has been with the company for 7 months. She joined the medical marijuana industry because she found that it encompassed everything she wanted in career - a subject she truly cared about, was far from mundane, and had opportunity for growth. Alison loves that “talking business” for her means marijuana. Her favorite part of the job is her patients, which might explain why they love her so much in return and constantly leave her great reviews on Weedmaps! Medical marijuana has positively impacted Alison’s life because it has allowed her to become an advocate for the neutralization of the stigma surrounding it and actually help people with serious illnesses. When it comes to her life outside the dispensary, she says she is known to “kick ass and take names, all while chewing bubble gum.”