Mob Boss Flower

The Mob Boss strain is colorful, and stands out for the extent of trichomes it contains. It also has a very distinctive appearance, so medical marijuana patients who are looking for it will have an easy time picking it out from the other strain options they have to consider. The taste and smell are herbal with a hint of citrus, giving it a mild undertone that works well for many patients. Elevating mood and providing energy are common affects of this strain. It also stimulates appetite and helps to relax muscles.

For medical marijuana patients who are looking to get relief from chronic conditions but who also want to be able to focus on daily life, this can be an excellent choice. The muscle relaxing properties of the Mob Boss strain means you can get relief from problems such as back pain and headaches. The boost in appetite is good for depression patients and others who may really not feel like eating because they aren’t as happy or comfortable as they need to be. With such valuable properties, this strain can help many patients feel much better than before.