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Mammoth Flower

The Mammoth strain of medical marijuana is a hybrid mix of LA Confidential and Snowcap strains, with a number of benefits. Because it grows well and creates large, dense nuggets, there is a high yield from each plant. That’s excellent news for patients who are looking for this strain, because they want to be able…
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Grape Stomper Flower

The Grape Stomper strain is very popular with medical marijuana patients as a Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s a green, frosty strain and smells a lot like sweet cheese with a hint of grape and pine. The taste is similar to grape as well, and is sweet and thick. Because the strain’s effects come on rather…
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Sky Walker Flower

The Sour Diesel strain is popular with many medical marijuana patients for its great Indica and Sativa blend. It’s greenish white and has a citrusy, zesty odor. The smell is pungent and smoky with a hint of grape, and the taste is a bit sour but still very palatable. The biggest benefit to this strain…
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