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Alaskan Thunder Fu** Bud

As a hybrid Sativa strain, Alaskan Thunder Fu** is a great option for patients who are dealing with chronic pain. Many conditions cause pain that simply won’t go away, and there are only so many options for treating it. This strain is heavy with crystals and rather white looking with a lot of bright orange…
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Is Marijuana Medicine?

The answer to whether marijuana is medicine often depends on who is asked the question. Some people still believe that marijuana is nothing but a drug, and that it’s dangerous for people to use in any capacity. Other people see it as having a great deal of value for people who are sick or those…
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Mammoth Bud

The Mammoth strain of medical marijuana is a hybrid mix of LA Confidential and Snowcap strains, with a number of benefits. Because it grows well and creates large, dense nuggets, there is a high yield from each plant. That’s excellent news for patients who are looking for this strain, because they want to be able…
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