Bad News for California MMJ Patients in Nevada

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the Nevada Attorney General's Office has issued an opinion regarding how Nevada dispensaries can do business, and it's not a good one. The opinion will not only affect our patients from California, but the Nevada medical marijuana industry as a whole.

Earlier this week, the AG released an opinion stating that Nevada dispensaries should no longer accept California doctor's recommendations for medical marijuana, only state-issued medical cards, which the majority California patients opt not to get. The new regulation will stop Nevada dispensaries from being able to sell to those patients without state-issued cards and is set to take effect as soon as August 15.

California patients make up a very large portion of those who shop at Nevada dispensaries, so the potentially devastating opinion is not only bad for the patients, but for all dispensaries operating in the state as well. For more information and to read a copy of the AG's opinion letter, click here.