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Kabunky Krumble Hybrid

The Kabunky Krumble Hybrid is a good choice for medical marijuana patients who need help with chronic pain issues. While there are many strains that provide pain relief, some offer more help than others. Choosing a crumble isn’t generally as popular as other options, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits or reasons why a…
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Kabunky Skywalker Shatter

Among the best options for medical marijuana is the Kabunky Skywalker strain, which is most commonly used for pain control and relief. It’s also used by people who have problems with insomnia and to alleviate anxiety or stress. While other strains also can help with these issues, this particular strain is one of the best.…
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Giddy Up Extracts – Grape Stomper Live Resin

The grape stomper live resin comes from flowers that are fresh but have been frozen before they would reach the stage where they cure and dry. Without going through the drying and curing process, the flavor profile is much stronger and more potent. A fruity flavor and floral aroma are both important to many people…
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Mob Boss Flower

The Mob Boss strain is colorful, and stands out for the extent of trichomes it contains. It also has a very distinctive appearance, so medical marijuana patients who are looking for it will have an easy time picking it out from the other strain options they have to consider. The taste and smell are herbal with a hint of…
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